Digital Banking solution & Virtual Gift Card Digital Banking solution & Virtual Gift Card

Digital savvy customers demanding more from Banks.

Explosive growth in mobile and internet channels, changing traditional banking.

Payment transactions moving to be mobile based.

Customer Loyalty Management Customer Loyalty Management

After digital transformation, loyalty is the top priority for banks in the region.

ICC computes on powerful algorithms with complex data insights that ensure an outstanding consumer experience as well as a tremendous boost in revenues.

ICC has tie-ups with 300+ airlines, 300,000 hotels, 2,500+ global merchants on one platform for ecommerce.

ICC E-Commerce Solution ICC E-Comm Solution

The Cashback is entirely FUNDED by the merchants. The Cardholder can shop and earn cashback from 2,500 key global merchants.

Cashback is earned on merchant sites and therefore pricing is exactly what the merchant offers online with the additional ‘True Cashback’.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

At ICC, we believe in creating value for our customers, by delivering a Revolutionary Customer Experience, enabling retention and founding a lasting relationship.
The uber-cool experience enhances overall business growth fueled by our dedicated team of loyalty professionals, IT, and business architects that has helped ICC in successfully implementing loyalty solutions for a growing list of global clientele.

Our Purpose

Bringing quality and ease in the financial tech space.

Our Mission

ICC aims to bridge the gap between customers and digital financial arena to ensure smooth, secure and smart transactions.