• We'll get you to what’s next

  • We’ll help you take that big leap, quickly and effectively.
  • A full digital bank. Entire bank on the phone. Digital onboarding. eKYC. Mobile Account opening. Account opening at finger tips. Paperless.
  • Offer the transition from high cost, existing systems to an agile, open architecture, cloud and API based platforms.

  • Giving an option to be independent of the Bank’s existing system. Can be a standalone Platform independent of the existing system. Or a platform integrated with the Bank’s existing system.
  • The digibank boasts of exceptional navigation. Fast, agile and responsive.
  • Comes with a complete UI design system, enabling you to move from prototype to product, faster and better.
  • Our platform lets you expand quickly, manage risk, and track results – one platform, one partner, no hassle
  • Offers an agile change management.
  • Mobile and web based.
  • Offers a seamless banking journey.
  • Easy to develop, pilot, deploy, and iterate.
  • Supported by both cloud-based and on-premise deployments.

  • We are PCI-DSS
  • Complaint and Secure.

Peek Balance

Check your balance with a swipe. No login required.

Facial Login

We support facial recognition to unlock your account.

Personalised Profiles

Personalized Profile and Quicklinks add your most frequently used services for direct access.

Easy Payments

Top-up, bank transfer, pay a friend, social pay, pay utilities, request payment ... Mobile to Mobile


Instant account opening in minutes and instant Card. Instantly apply for an additional account, credit card.

Market Place

Merchant funded over 250,000 products. Enjoy cashback on each purchase. Travel, lifestyle, accessories, clothing and more.

Loyalty Module

Rewards based. Cashback based.


Choose the offers and promotions you would want to see.