Our modular platform has a built-in accrual engine, flexible currency management system, omni channel redemption options and campaign management tools for enhanced customer engagement and user experience.

We take pride in our accrual engine capabilities to host multiple currencies like rewards, cashback, co-brand currency on one platform but different pool and customer segmentation ability to accrue rewards basis segments provides clients to support Reward Tiering programs. To support our accrual engine we have an integrated omni channel redemption options that are easy to configure and allows Pay with Points for any merchants in the world with no restrictions.

Our platform also supports a reliable Single Sign on Integration approach for all web and mobile apps with flexible access policy.

To give a superior user experience ICC Loyalty Customer User Interface is white labelled and tailor made for each Client and is built on the HTML 5 version with browser and mobile/tab responsive options in sync with the Client’s branding and corporate guidelines.

Redefining Customer Loyalty through automation and customization.