Start paying effortlessly

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How to buy a Gift Card

In a few simple steps

1. Jot down some basic details about yourself such as your Name, Email-ID, Mobile & Date of Birth

2. Select the Denomination for the Gift Card

3. DONE! Your Virtual Gift card is sent to your Email!

It is that easy. Enjoy paying with Gift Card without needing to reach for your wallet

How it works

In a few simple steps

1. Wake up your phone

To unlock your phone, enter the PIN, pattern, passcode or biometrics

2. Pay on POS/ E-commerce Transactions world wide

Place your phone over the terminal at your favorite stores.
The e-commerce platform will take you to a payment gateway where you will enter all the relevant information about the gift card to pay


Once the transaction is authorized, a message will be displayed on your phone and you will receive a transaction slip with your Virtual Card Number
You will be prompted to enter the 3D Secure code setup during card creation, asking for the transaction to be authorized